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Kevin Brucks


Kevin Brucks

Whether it be teaching in bilingual schools, as a private teacher or as the creator of an immersion method for preschool children, Kevin has always shown his commitment to the holistic success of students.

His approach takes care to integrate mind and body, so that students feel receptive and responsible for their own success.

Student-based learning and positive environments affect a pupil’s growth potential tremendously, and so Kevin aims to support the students themselves so that they can chart their own course.

His liberal arts degree from Chicago’s Columbia College and background in sales and as an entrepreneur help him link academic to other worlds (medicine, business, industry) in order to create meaningful lessons and curriculums.

Kevin’s curiosity, creativity and optimism make him well suited to support

¨I look forward to helping school districts, learning institutions and groups become acquainted with the audio method and all of its many benefits. I’m excited to be director of‘s commercial activities in the United States and am convinced that students and teachers alike will feel thrilled with what we have to offer.

My contributions to the Creativity section include some great information aimed at improving memory.

I’ve also done the website’s English translation and in addition to English and Spanish, I know American Sign Language and Portuguese at intermediate levels and basic French, which I’m improving now.

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