Grow with confidence

Grow with Confidence – Marta Toro, Print Edition in Spanish.

crecer con confianza

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A scientifically tested music and relaxation method that improves attention and reduces anxiety in children with ADHD.

Ideal for in-school or at-home use.

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Product Description

This  is a method for children aged 7 to 12 years old that has been designed to take advantage of this important developmental chapter. It teaches children some different ways to relax and builds self-confidence and a feeling of security.

The method uses seven voice-guided, musical pieces, is easy to use and can be used at home, in school, in group or even on an individual basis.

Book details

72 pages

Soft cover

Publisher: CCS

Language: Spanish

Date of publication: 2011

Published in Madrid, Spain

ISBN: 9788498427295

The book includes the following sections:
  1. Understanding your Brain
  2. A Method for Cerebral Exercise
  3. Easy-to-follow How-to cards for Educators and Parents

CD: Musical method

The CD includes seven voice-guided musical pieces. All of the pieces improve attention and reduce anxiety, while each one works more specifically on the following aspects:

Track 1: Creating a personal space

Track 2: Breathing

Track 3: Hemispheric harmony

Track 4: Body alignment

Track 5: Energy balance

Track 6: Decision-making

Track 7: Outside and inside




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