Grow with confidence

The method for ADHD, Grow with Confidence

Grow with Confidence, the method that improves sustained attention and reduces anxiety in children with ADHD. Designed for school and home use.

Grow with Confidence

Grow with Confidence is a method of relaxation and music to improve sustained attention and reduce anxiety in children with ADHD. This method was scientifically tested by the university of Vienna and was the object of a clinical study in a primary school with 156 children with ADHD that gave surprising results. It’s ideal for use in schools, consultations or at home.

Grow with Confidence is a musical method that teaches children how to relax, while at the same time, increases their ability to concentrate and sustain attention. This helps them feel more sure of themselves and increases confidence.


The method, created for children aged 7 to 12 years old, takes advantage of the development stages between those ages and which will be so important for their growth.

There are seven musical pieces, from 5 to 8 minutes each, that are voice guided. Each contains specific sounds, spoken text, rhythmic cycles and aims to create an environment that is relaxing and appropriate for concentration.

The language of the method is easily understandable, and the instructions are simple to follow.

Grow with Confidence, A method to train the brain with general and specific objectives.

General objectives: work on trust, confidence-building and attention.

Specific objectives:

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1st A special place

With this unit you can create a positive personal space, like a personal lab that will help you explore, grow and train yourself and that can be accessed at any time.

2nd Breathing

With this unit you can learn to be aware of your thoracic and costal breathing with ease.

3rd Improve communication between the brain hemispheres

With this exercises you can improve your balance between your cognitive and emotional abilities.

4th Anatomical chart

Here you can train your body image in an easy way.

5th Energy balance

With this unit you can train and improve attention and memory.

6th Decision-making

With this unit you can establish a counterpoint between internal and external sensations. You can train and improve you decision-making process.

7th Urban life

Life in city requires a specific kind of energy and attention; life in the city is sometime tough, noisy and messy but it has its very positive sites! The unit also works on your autonomy levels.




Grow with Confidence, a method to train the brain with general and specific objectives.

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